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Tips from John and Betty

"Here are some 13 tried and true methods for getting the most activity and the best possible marketing strategies for getting your CT home sold in the fastest way possible!

  1. Always make sure that the outside of your home is presentable and attractive, make sure there are no children's bicycles in the driveways before showings that buyers could possibly trip over (or run over with their cars!)  Make sure your grass is mowed and your gardens are neatly free of weeds and always neatly manicured.
  2. Your driveway, if it is in need of a fresh coat of driveway sealer, is an inexpensive way to make your home look well groomed, and well maintained. And remember, first impressions are always the most important!
  3. Make sure if your home is vinyl sided, it is fresh and clean, if it needs to be power washed, do that also.
  4. If your house or decking in front needs paint or power washing also take care of those chores.
  5. Make sure your windows sparkle...Let the sun shine in!  Light and bright and open and airy rooms with neutral colors are what attracts today's buyers!

  7. Clean off all of your magnets from your refrigerators and clean off the clutter on your countertops and the tops of your refrigerator...It will make your house feel more roomy!
  8. Take down a lot of your personal family photos in your home as buyers are a pretty nosy bunch and they will spend more time looking at your photos instead of looking at your house.  It's TRUE!
  9. If your home has a garage, clear as much clutter as you can, the same goes for the basement and attic areas, Have a tag sale,...Everyone loves them, you can make some extra money and buy some new items for your new home!
  10. Now lets get to the children's rooms and playroom! Put away most of the toys that your children do not play with every day (sometimes this is easier when they are not around!) box them up and put them away, and then when you are moving in to your new home, they will open up all of their "new toys" which they have completely forgotten about and they will feel like it is Holiday time all over again and you can be unpacking and they will be very busy playing with all of their new "stuff"!
  11. If your home is in need of repainting, stay with lighter, neutral tones.
  12. Keep your kitchen sink free of dishes and keep all beds made and keep all toys put away before showings. Enlist your children's help in this, explain to them you need their cooperation and you may be pleasantly surprised if you include them in the process. It can be exciting and fun, instead of stressful if you make it more of a game for them!
  13. If your bathroom needs an inexpensive facelift, try buying an inexpensive shower curtain, make sure the caulking around the tub is secure and the ceiling is mold free with a little bit of Tilex, just make sure the windows are open when you use it please. An inexpensive new bathroom throw rug and some fresh new towels can work wonders, as can a fresh paint job, and just make sure your mirrors, toilets, tubs and vanities are always sparkling clean.  It makes a huge difference!
  14. If you have old, torn or very worn carpeting in your home, sometimes it is less expensive, if you just cannot have it cleaned, to rip it out yourselves and call in a few different hardwood floor refinishing companies if you have hardwood floors underneath. They will vary price-wise. We use Great East in East Springfield, MA. They are the best and cheapest around and do a terrific job.  Get estimates! If your floors underneath are unable to be refinished because they are in very poor condition, it might be easier to carpet them with an inexpensive, very durable Berber style carpet which runs anywhere from $12.99-16.99 per sq. yd. installed with padding.
"I hope these tips have helped and of course, if you have any questions, we are always here to help you answer them. We will be happy to come over, visit and tell you just exactly what you really need to do and what you don't!" 

-John Woods and Betty Sanville
 Suffield Real Estate Office:  860-668-7415
John Woods' cell:  966-6545
Betty Sanville's  cell:  306-0897

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John Woods and Betty Sanville are CT Realtors with offices in Enfield CT.  They are Realty Agents for Suffield Real Estate, Enfield, Windsor Locks, and Somers Real Estate.  They are affiliated with American Dreams Real Estate.  As Realtors they offer SUFFIELD CT REAL ESTATE for Searches for Suffield CT Real Estate, Enfield CT Real Estate, Windsor Locks CT Real Estate, or find a  Somers CT Home for Sale.  John Woods and Betty Sanville are licensed CTAgents

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