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"A home inspection is probably some of the best money you will ever spend when you are purchasing a home or a condominium.
A licensed, experienced and competent home inspector is worth his weight in gold!
We have a network of home inspectors who we recommend and have worked with for over 22 years who are excellent, informative and provide invaluable information to you as a buyer.
The home inspector takes about 2 hours or so to inspect your prospective purchase. He is looking for major structural repairs, such as roofing, plumbing, foundation, electrical, framing, deck problems, code violations, he also checks things such as your air conditioning systems, all your toilets, sinks, tubs, garage door openers, etc, and also all of your electrical outlets inside and outside of the home. He will also look at the fireplace if it has one, inspect the outside chimney, check out all of the interior doors and windows to look for any "seal failures". He will also check your heating and hot water system, water conditioning system if there is one. He will be giving your home a thorough "check-up".
When he is finished, he will write up a report, note the repairs he feels need immediate attention by the seller, also give an estimate of what the repairs should cost, and then we look over the report together, and if necessary, negotiate any repairs with the seller.
Usually at the time of the home inspection, a pest inspection is also performed. A licensed pest inspector arrives at the same time of the home inspector and goes through the home to look for any wood boring or wood infestation insects, such as termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, or carpenter bees. If there is any infestation noted, a report will be issued and signed by the inspector, and that will also be discussed and negotiated by us to have the seller pay for any treatment and if there are any damages caused, the seller usually should pay for damages also.
The average cost for a home inspection in our area is about $275-$300 depending on the size of the house. A condominium usually runs a bit less.
The average cost for a pest inspection is $75.00.
A Pest Inspection is a requirement by most lenders today and a home inspection is just a must do!"

-John Woods and Betty Sanville
 Suffield Real Estate Office:  860-668-7415
John Woods' cell:  966-6545
Betty Sanville's  cell:  306-0897

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John Woods and Betty Sanville are CT Realtors with offices in Enfield CT.  They are Realty Agents for Suffield Real Estate, Enfield, Windsor Locks, and Somers Real Estate.  They are affiliated with American Dreams Real Estate.  As Realtors they offer SUFFIELD CT REAL ESTATE for Searches for Suffield CT Real Estate, Enfield CT Real Estate, Windsor Locks CT Real Estate, or find a  Somers CT Home for Sale.  John Woods and Betty Sanville are licensed CTAgents

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