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Finding a Home for Sale in CT

Tips from John and Betty

Finding the Perfect Home for Sale in CT is easy when you have the right people looking for you!

"The most important thing for you to do before starting to look for a new home in CT is to call us and we will put you in touch with the best mortgage people in the business, people who we have complete confidence in and who take excellent care of our buyers and offer them the best service and rates possible in the market today. When you speak with your mortgage person, and they tell you what you can afford, the next thing you need to do is sit down with your spouse, or partner and discuss how much you want to be spending on a mortgage payment.

You will need to be completely comfortable with that amount, You will need pizza money for a Friday night, an occasional night out with friends for dinner and a family vacation once in a while!

When you get to that figure, call your mortgage broker back, tell them what you can realistically spend, and they will let you know how much of a house you should be looking for!

Then you can call us and we will go house shopping, for your new Suffield, Enfield, Somers, or Windsor Locks Home!
If you have any friends who are thinking of buying or selling in the near future, have them call John Woods or Betty Sanville at 860-668-7415, and within 5 minutes, with an email address, we can have you connected to the best and fastest way to use the web for real estate today. All I can tell you is that it puts all of the other websites to shame including realtor dot com which does not give you addresses or complete information. Our system gives you EVERYTHING you need to know...
So just call with any questions, or concerns, and we will make the buying process, easy,
painless and as fun as it can be! WE PROMISE!"

-John Woods and Betty Sanville
 Suffield Real Estate Office:  860-668-7415
John Woods' cell:  966-6545
Betty Sanville's  cell:  306-0897

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John Woods and Betty Sanville are CT Realtors with offices in Enfield CT.  They are Realty Agents for Suffield Real Estate, Enfield, Windsor Locks, and Somers Real Estate.  They are affiliated with American Dreams Real Estate.  As Realtors they offer SUFFIELD CT REAL ESTATE for Searches for Suffield CT Real Estate, Enfield CT Real Estate, Windsor Locks CT Real Estate, or find a  Somers CT Home for Sale.  John Woods and Betty Sanville are licensed CTAgents

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